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Funk Freed

I thought the rain would wash away these pent-up feelings… but every drop that hits my face makes me more miserable.

don’t go where i can’t follow…

"This guy and his entourage should be paying for everything!"

"Look at you, Fullmetal Alchemist! Look at your leg, your arm, your brother! Those things are also the result of ‘messing around with somebody’s life’, aren’t they?! We are the same! You’re just like me! The opportunity was right in front of us and we took it! We had to, even though we knew it was against the rules!"

Fullmetal Alchemist, vol.11 back cover

This is my anime/manga blog
I made this so my other blog followers won't have to deal with my anime/manga obsession.
I will only post/reblog anime manga I have seen (sometimes ones that i plan to see)
Feel free to ask me anything or follow. I'm willing to be tumblr friends with anyone:D
Please don't post my edits as your own
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